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Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring opens up possibilities to future expansion and more capabilities for your home such as Satellite Dish, Cable Television distribution to multiple televisions, DVD distribution, Internet Local Area Networks through out your home. It can also give you the capability to view your exterior and or interior C.C.T.V. or Internet Cameras on any connected television within your home. Every wire is home ran back to the Structured Wiring Panel for future expansion and easy service. You do not lose the speed of your Internet connection, often caused by the looping of phone lines throughout the house. Structured wiring gives a uniform and neat appearance to the low voltage electronic cables ran throughout your home.

Omni1st Integrated Systems can provide service and upgrade all of the structured wiring panels seen above. Omni1st is your one source that can integrate Security, Fire, Cameras, Home Automation, Multi-Room Audio and Video, Lighting controls, Home Networks, Surround Sound and Home Theater through the Structured Wiring Panel of your choice. If needed, we can provide you panel and module specifications, wiring configurations and system design recommendations for residential and commercial applications.
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