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 Security Systems
  Residential & Commercial     Locally Monitored Systems
  Door Access Control &     Camera Surveillance
 Audio/Video Systems
  Home Theater
  Surround Sound Speakers
  Whole House Audio/Video
 Home Automation Systems
  HVAC, Lighting, Intercoms     & Telephone Controls
  Structured Wiring & Controls
 Management & Design Services
  On Site Management &     System Design Services
  • Integration
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Installations
  • Monitoring
  • Design & C.A.D
  • Installation Management
    • Remodeling
    • Relocating
    • New Construction
    • Up-grades of existing system
    • Integrating new systems into existing
      • Automation Systems
      • Burglar Alarm Systems
      • Safe / Vault Systems
      • Hold -Up / Duress Alarms
      • Individual Asset Monitoring Systems
      • Fire Detection & Evacuation Systems
      • Water & Sprinkler System Monitoring
      • Door Access Control Systems
      • I.P. Addressable CCTV Cameras
      • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems
        • Digital Video Recording
        • Conventional and Covert
        • Digital Video Multiplexing controls
        • L.A.N. & W.A.N. server based
        • Remotely Monitored (CCTV)
      • Critical System Detection & Monitoring
        • H.V.A.C.
        • Temperature
        • Refrigeration
        • Water leakage
      • Conference Room & Home Audio / Video Systems
Industrial & Commercial Services
  • Integrated Access Control Systems
    • Biometric Scanners
    • Proximity Card Readers
    • Smart Card Readers
    • Integrated (CCTV) Controls
    • L.A.N. & W.A.N. Server Based
Repair, service, maintenance and upgrade request:

Omni1st or an associate dealer presently provides repair service, contracted maintenance or system upgrades within the North Central Texas area.

System design, installation or additions request:

Omni1st or an associated dealer presently provides residential or commercial system design, installations or additions within the State of Texas area.

If you would like to discuss your request in greater detail;

Text or Call 817-267-6664 or 1-800-689-9771