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Access Control, (Biometrics & Smart Cards) and Asset Protection Systems:

Omni1st can help you design and install a new integrated "Biometric", "Smart Card" or "Basic Access Control Card" system within your business, office building, facility or campus. If you are a small business with a single door requirement or a larger facility with multiple doors and system-integrated requirements, Omni1st can help. Omni1st also specializes in upgrades of existing stand-alone, P.C. based or networked base access control systems that need updated reader technologies.

Basic access control reader technologies may include bar code, weigond and proximity card readers.

Biometric Access control reader technologies may include fingerprint, hand scan, IMS recognition, voice imprint or a combination of two or more technologies into one reader.

Smart Card access control readers are similar to a credit card in appearance. However, the smart card has an electronic microchip embedded into it's , steering electronic data and programs that are protected by advanced security features.

Many access control systems may include or integrate with closed circuit television cameras, elevator control, photo imaging, burglar alarm, fire alarm, sprinkler system supervision, asset protection and other facility management control systems.
Closed Circuit & Internet Camera and Digital Video Recording Systems:

In many cases, system upgrades and the integration of systems and services can reflect an immediate cost savings to the customer. System upgrade and integration often enhances the convenience level and relieves the burden caused by attempting to operate and service several different Security, Access Control, CCTV Systems and controls, with non-compatible software systems. However, before recommending an upgraded system, Omni1st trained personnel will evaluate the possibility of integrating your existing systems (or portion of) with your requested system additions.

If you are interested in Digital Video Storage, (remote or onsite) Closed Circuit Television (analog or digital with LAN or WAN capabilities), Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, Sprinkler System Supervision, Evacuation, Environmental Detection, Intercom-Paging installations or upgrades please contact us

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