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On Site Management & System design Services

Omni1st specializes in contracted "On Site" Management and/or "Custom" System Design for Commercial and Residential integrated system installations and upgrades.

This service is offered independently from other Omni1st services. Omni1st offers this contracted service directly to Architects, Facility Owners and Homeowners enabling the Owners to complete the installation with Local Contractors or "In-house" personnel.

Omni1st Consulting & Design also offers contracted service owners discounted low voltage electronic system controls and components.

Each of our systems is catered to meet the needs of our customers, and takes into careful consideration equipment capabilities, simplifies operation, integration between electronic computers and future expansion.

The blue prints show accurate details of how your facility or home is to be wired and how each component is to be connected to the system. The service can also include schematics of inputs and outputs of each device and how they connect to the system. The contracted services can be upgraded to include extensive labeling, equipment lists, check off sheets and elevation documentation so that your installation can be completed successfully.

One of many possible Facility, Asset and Associate Management Systems Solutions would be a Commercial Access Control and Integrated Closed Circuit Television Systems with digital video storage capabilities, (remote or onsite) integrated within your Local Area Network or World Area Network.

Let Omni1st design an upgraded system that has the ability to enhance communication and compatibility with your existing Asset Protection, Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler System Supervision, Evacuation, Environmental Detection, Critical Condition, Intercom-Paging and Facility Management System.

In many cases, system upgrades and the integration of systems and services can reflect an immediate and long term cost savings to the customer. System upgrade and integration often enhances the convenience level and relieves the burden caused by attempting to operate and service several different controls systems with non-compatible operating systems (software). However, before recommending an upgraded system, Omni1st Associates will evaluate the possibility of integrating your existing systems (or any portion of) with your requested system additions.

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